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Henchman 350 Barrow Trailer

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Ball & Hitch Tow Bar

Jaw Connection Tow Bar

The Henchman 350 Barrow Trailer is ideal for the medium to large sized garden or allotment. It has a capacity of 350 litres and is able to carry a load of up to 250kg.

It is designed so that the load is balanced directly above the wheels which helps to take the strain off of your arms and back and means that you always have good control of the load, even when tipping.

All you have to do is tip the barrow to vertical to empty the load and you can keep your back straight when tipping – you can even do this with the load bar still attached.

You can also push or pull the loaded barrow with one hand or two, without risking injury or strain to your back. You can move, for example, logs, clippings, compost or manure with relative ease and speed. In fact you can move 4 times more material in one go than you would be able to with a standard wheelbarrow.

A useful addition for this barrow is that it can be converted in under a minute to become a towed barrow/trailer by attaching a draw bar with either a ball hitch or jaw type tow bar.

This barrow trailer is built of durable single skinned heavy duty plastic moulding meaning handling wet materials is not a problem because there is no risk of rusting the polyethylene.


Load Balanced over Wheels
Means a greater load with little extra effort because the load balance takes the strain off arms and back.

Variety of Uses
Move logs, clippings, compost or manure with relative ease and speed.

Strong Polyetheline Construction
Built of durable, single skinned heavy duty plastic moulding that will not corrode.

Huge Load Carrying Ability
Move up to 4 times the load of a normal barrow. Capacity of 350 litres plus more with extension sides.

Push it or Pull it
Push or pull and tip completely with control and relative ease.

Easy Conversion to Towed Trailer
Convert easily to a Barrow Trailer in under a minute with either a ball hitch or jaw type tow bar.

Increase Capacity
Add a net to hold and stabilise large loads and for increased capacity.


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